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The last few weeks have brought drastic and unprecedented changes to the ways we live and work together. 

People who are used to working in offices are suddenly forced to work remotely. Business as usual has been turned on its head as managers are suddenly confronted with a daunting organizational challenge that no one saw coming: 

How do you manage a distributed network of remote workers and continue to get things done?

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A Primer

On the basic principles and practices for leading highly effective distributed employees.

The Crash Course for Managing Distributed Workers is a four part primer where you will become familiar with the skills needed to form effective teams among remote workers. And the practices needed to drive collaboration across distributed team members, and the unique metrics that enable teams to deliver results in challenging circumstances.

An Origin Story

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Reasons you should get this Course

  • You need to effectively manage a large group of remote workers

  • You feel the stress of being accountable for remote worker performance

  • Your competition is already mastering the terrain of remote work

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Doug Kirkpatrick

Doug Kirkpatrick is the author of the Amazon bestseller BEYOND EMPOWERMENT: THE AGE OF THE SELF-MANAGED ORGANIZATION, in addition to his 2019 book THE NO-LIMITS ENTERPRISE: ORGANIZATIONAL SELF-MANAGEMENT IN THE NEW WORLD OF WORK. He is a management consultant, TEDx and keynote speaker, executive coach, writer, and educator. Currently a Forbes Speaker, Doug previously served as a director for ATD (Association for Talent Development), the world’s largest talent development association with nearly 40,000 members in over 120 countries. As US Partner with NuFocus Strategic Group, he works with multiple clients and communities including Great Work Cultures, Responsive and the Center for Innovative Cultures to co-create the vibrant, self-organizing and agile workplaces of the future.

Rod Collins

Rod Collins is the Chief Facilitator at Salt Flats, a strategic innovation firm that partners with forward-thinking corporations and leading-edge start-ups to create new businesses and products that sustain growth in digitally transformed markets. Rod is a leading expert on the future of business and a regular blog contributor to He is also the author of WIKI MANAGEMENT: A REVOLUTIONARY NEW MODEL FOR A RAPIDLY CHANGING AND COLLABORATIVE WORLD, which highlights the innovative tools and practices used by a new breed of business leaders to enable extraordinary performance in a world reshaped by digital disruption. Rod is the former Chief Operating Executive of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Federal Employee Program, one of the nation's largest and most successful business alliances. Under his leadership, the business experienced its greatest five-year growth period in its 60 year history.